A small manual in coffee preparation with any of these recipes
Virsgrauzdētājs un kafijas profesors
Friday, 11. September

Learn this short instruction before making coffee with any of the recipes. It will give you an insight and understanding of the key aspects of coffee making.

Basics of all kind of coffee brewing:

Read this small article first before you go to any of our brewing recipes. It will give you insight and understanding of most crucial points in any brewing method you will use to brew your coffee.

  1. Always grind your coffees just before actual brewing! Thus you will keep all the aroma compounds in your cup and not in your kitchen. Coffee, when ground quickly looses its aromatics as it escapes and evaporates from the opened cells of the bean. Buying pre-ground coffee is buying dead coffee.
  2. Invest in proper grinder so you can adjust the grind level to your brewing technique and method. Straume or similar blade “grinders” are not a coffee grinders although our parents have ground coffee with ones. They produces extremely uneven grind and that will make your coffee taste under and over developed at the same time. Better buy pre-ground coffee for your specific brewing method.Grinding in coffee preparation process is one of the most if not the most important step. It determines how your coffee will eventually taste.
  3. Always use filtered and clean water. pH, hardness and cleanliness of water is one of most important things when brewing coffee. Your coffee consists 95-98,5% of water. So, if you use bad tasting and smelling water for brewing your coffee, the brew will too taste and smell bad in the end. pH should be neutral pH 7 (6,5-7,5) if the pH is too low it will make your coffee unpleasantly sour. When the pH is too high it will over-extract the coffee. The taste will be low in sweetness and acidity, with unpleasant bitterness and overall low aroma and flat. Hardness should be optimally 5 degrees of German hardness. If water is too hard it will over extract the coffee and it will have unbalanced body and acidity with low aromas and harsh taste. If water hardness is too low the brew will be under extracted and will taste underdeveloped and weak.
  4. Always use correct temperature of Water! Correct temperature of water for brewing coffee is considered to be 90-95C. If water is too hot it will burn and over extract your grounds and it will taste bitter. It again, the water temperature is too low it will under extract your ground coffee and the final brew will taste under developed and weak.
  5. Always keep your brewing equipment clean! Coffee oils that will stay on the surface of the brewing equipment will become stale within couple of hours. They will transport rancid taste to your every next brew. So, if you want to drink balanced and deliciously tasting coffee keep your equipment clean of all coffee oils that remain there after brewing.
  6. Always rinse the paper filters! Thus you will remove all small paper dust and particles that will make your coffee taste of paper.